I’m Not Dead. Let’s Have Dinner.

I’m not dead.

Let’s have dinner.

Yeeaaaaah. Sorry about the long-time-no-post. *headwall*

I would say I’ve been extremely busy lately (which is 100% true), but that is an excuse I’ve used so often it’s bordering on cliche.


To make it up to you, I will post 5 random things I’ve done over the past… month… >.<… I’ve neglected this blog.

1: I graduated high school.

Whoopiee!! Had a really nice ceremony with my homeschool co-op. That was one of the reasons I haven’t posted in a while; I was getting ready for that. Now that the ceremony is over, we’ve moved on to grad party prep. It’s getting reeeeeaaaaalllly close, and I’m trying not to panic over all of the stuff we still have to do. πŸ˜›

2: I joined fanfiction.net.

Le me:Β http://www.fanfiction.net/u/4736925/

I’ve been mostly posting shorts and one-shots- and apparently mostly angsty. O.o I’ve been in an angsty fanfic mood lately… so be warned.

Posted so far:

First Stars (Doctor Who)


“Have you ever had children?” Had. Past tense. Long gone. Set during “A Good Man Goes to War.” One-shot. (Spoilers for said episode).

Mountains That Sway (Doctor Who)


Set immediately after “Journey’s End”. The Doctor mourns the loss of his friend, Donna Noble, and travels to the planet Felspoon, where he is met by unwelcome memories. A Two-shot? πŸ˜› Ficlet in two parts. (MAJOR spoilers for said episode.)

Nightmares and Violins (Sherlock)


John’s nightmares keep repeating. Sherlock used to play the violin, and John would be able to sleep… but now Sherlock isn’t here. One-shot. (Reichenfeelz. </3)

Not Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)


John Watson is not Sherlock Holmes. He doesn’t want to be. One-shot. (More Reichenfeelz. </3)

Call it Even (How to Train Your Dragon)Β http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9313114/1/Call-it-Even

Hiccup and Astrid have a fight and storm off their separate ways, right before a huge snow storm hits Berk. (Whoa. No spoilers and no major depressing feels. O.O Fluff.)

*end advertisement* πŸ˜›

3: I made gluten-free, dairy-free lembas bread.

And they turned out!! And they were really good!! πŸ˜€

We used this recipe here:Β http://rollingsreliable.com/2013/04/25/lembas-bread-for-tolkien-reading-day-vegan-soy-free-and-gluten-free/

-with a few modifications. We used Millet flour instead of amaranth because that’s what we had; coconut oil instead of the soy-free vegan butter; two teaspoons orange juice concentrate instead of the orange blossom water. The recipe calls for one tablespoon vanilla extract. We used vanilla flavor, which is apparently stronger and more concentrated than extract, so we used two teaspoons of that instead. One tablespoon of the vanilla flavor would ruin the bread really quickly according to Mum. πŸ˜› It’s amazing how disgusting too much vanilla tastes. (NEVER lick your fingers if you have it on them. XP)

The one thing we’re going to do differently next time is grind the flour a little better. They were a tad on the gritty side, but they weren’t terrible by any means. We fresh ground the flours in our Vita-Mix, so if you bought the flour, you wouldn’t have that problem. πŸ™‚

I served them on my awesome green leaf plate. πŸ˜€ And I think I ate a little more like a hobbit than an elf in this instance…. No, I didn’t eat three.

(Did eat two… but they were smaller than in the movies. :P)

But anyway. They were REALLY good- and the best part is…

They were actually filling.

Most of the “lembas” bread recipes I’ve found are more like cookies or sweet bread. While this was definitely sweet, the garbanzo bean flour and almond butter are very filling. So extra points there, as they are closer to actual lembas bread. πŸ˜€

4: I finished Series 3 of BBC Robin Hood.










I shall not say anything else because of spoilers. But if you’re looking for another show to ruin your life, try this one.

Every stinkin’ series finale made me cry. All three of ’em. I didn’t think I could cry harder than I did in Series 2, but Series 3 definitely topped that in tear-volume. I think the only thing I’ve cried harder for is Doomsday.

This is the second show I’ve gotten caught up with (first being Sherlock). And it’s not really that great… because for Sherlock we have this who knows how long wait, and for Robin Hood… there are no more episodes. D: None. It’s over. It’s done.

And alkjsdflaksjdflaksjdflaksjfalsdfj.

^That was me sobbing over the characters. If you’ve seen it, you know who I’m sobbing over.

Series 3 started out to be a real downer. The first few episodes were lame, IMHO, I hated the new female lead (still do, sorry…), and it was just all around blah.

And then Prince John came in.

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH man. What is it with BBC and their wonderfully insane and hilarious and evil villains?! First John Simm’s Master. Then Moriarty. And the Sheriff. And Prince John. πŸ˜€

And let’s just say, YES. I DO love you! πŸ˜€

The next two episodes with him were pretty good- he made them awesome in all the parts he was in.

And then “The King is Dead, Long Live the King”.

Oh, man.

That episode was soooooooooo good. And then they just kept getting better and better until the Series finale, which was FANTASTIC and ABSOLUTELY DEPRESSING.


So yeah.

*end ramble*

5: Had this awesome End of the Year party with my homeschool co-op… and completely nerded the party out. B-)

I invited my two good friends who didn’t attend my co-op (the same two I watched Reichenbach with) who are both awesome nerdy geeks.

(Here are their blogs: Kelly:Β http://confessionsofageekyfangirl.blogspot.com/Β & Firiel:Β http://firielshobbithole.blogspot.com/Β Firiel is another OYANer. ^_^)

First, we went out to Old World pizza (and weirded pretty much everyone else in the van out. It was awesome. All we were doing was talking- maybe squealing- about Doctor Who). Was thankful Kelly was there so my sister and I weren’t the only two awkward ones who can’t eat pizza. πŸ˜› 😦

Then we gathered outside to get a group picture. The only reason I mention this part is because of a few things: We were sitting on some big rock ledge-y thingys. Firiel was wearing an EPIC long trench coat with an EPIC scarf and EPIC bowler and EPIC boots. I told her to jump off, because it would look cool with her flappy coat.

So she does.

Like this:


I think I may have scared everyone with my little shriek. πŸ˜›

But everyone from co-op knows I’m weird already. (*remembers Hobbit outburst* :P) So I was just trying to confirm the suspicion.

Besides, that’s what the point of the whole night was, really. To weird/nerd/geek everyone who wasn’t a nerd/geek out.

And I do think we succeeded. πŸ˜€

Anyway, after dinner, and the picture, (AND THE FALL. DX Firiel, I think you have scarred me for life) we went bowling.

And again, nerded everyone out.

A group of five of us took one of the last lanes in the alley, and we all used awesome aliases. πŸ˜€ We had a K-9 (me! ^_^), Robin Hood (my sister and soon to be OYANer. :D), Han Solo (Kelly), Professor YANA/The Master (Firiel), Zelda (Joyous Penn- another OYANer. :D), and Jo (Rebecca). πŸ˜€

Every time we would throw the ball down the alley, we would shout some sort of geeky reference. Examples: “These pins will now experience the power of this fully optional battle station”; “I owe these pins a fall!”; “Geronimo!”, etc.

And then when we got a gutter ball (which was 95% of the time…) we would use another reference: “The sun was in my eyes, Astrid!”; “Bowling isn’t my division.”, etc.

And then there were the references that made everyone (well, everyone being us nerds) want to cry.

“I don’t want to go!”

And then there was the one I did… Loud John-like “SHERLOCK!” yell. Got nine of the pins. Second try (shouted “JOHN!”)- got a spare.

And I was happy until Firiel said that I had just knocked John over- the lonely pin all by its self and I knocked it over. D:


One of the best parts of bowling was the K-9/Master rivalry. πŸ˜€ We were neck to neck for quite a while… but K-9 pulled ahead in the end. ^_^

Who’s the tin dog, and who’s the Master now?


(Firiel was doing an awesome job of threatening and acting Master-like. She bounced to Moriarty a couple times, too. XD She “let me win” in the end though. How kind of her. πŸ˜› Didn’t have the hearts to tell her that her kindness wasn’t necessary though. XD πŸ˜› Love ya, Fizzy, dear. πŸ™‚Β )

After an awesomely fun time bowling, we all packed up in the vans again to ride to one of the student’s church. We (being the nerds and a few awesome others. πŸ™‚ ) sang songs (Disney and musicals. :D) most of the way back, while the other girls talked about supermodels and stuff. o.O

Anyway, at the church, we ate snacks- yes, we brought bananas. πŸ˜€ It was a party after all. And Firiel made Jammy Dodgers- OH MAN THOSE WERE SOOO GOOD.

And we played games. Psychiatrist, which was full of laughter, and then one of my favorite parts of the night- Flashlight.

Flashlight- the object of the game is to find the hidden parts of the flashlight scattered across the church by the adults.

Obstacle #1: All the lights are off. And it’s dark, so the only light you have is the pale moon coming through the front doors of the church, and the little bit of light from the one room that still had the lights on.

Obstacle #2: You’ve got two people who are “It”. They run around chasing you, trying to tag you. If they do, you’re frozen until someone else can run by and unfreeze you- just like freeze tag. The not-It people are trying to get the flashlight, because the power of the little beam of light is the only thing that can stop these monsters!

(Sorry, that was way too good of an opportunity to resist. XD)

Anyway, so basic plot of the game: Run around in the dark and try not to get tagged. πŸ˜€

I’m not normally a person for running games, but this was soooooooo much fun.

After you got tagged and unfrozen and tagged a few times, you were out and had to return to the main room. And then you could eat popcorn and watch the other kids run screaming through the room. It was quite fun. πŸ˜€

I think it was during the second game of flashlight after my sister, Firiel, Kelly and I were all out that we gathered around the piano and I played Sherlock’s theme. Which Firiel quickly put to shame when she played this:Β http://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=hfsl7uA_CNc

It was fantastic- especially in a mostly dark room. ‘Cause all you wanted was for someone to run up behind you, grab your hand and whisper, “Run!”


So now I think I’ve made up for the month of no posting with this post that will take you a month to read. πŸ˜›

Again, apologies on the long time no post! Hopefully things will settle down somewhat and I’ll be able to post again soon.

God bless,



7 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead. Let’s Have Dinner.

  1. Kelly Darnell says:

    I started crying I was laughing so hard at this post πŸ˜€ Great geeky party memories… And thanks for the blog advertisement! πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like so much fun! You can play Sherlock’s theme on the piano? Wow. I am jealous. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to your character study from Sherlock, by the way. πŸ™‚ I’m gonna follow your blog.

    • P.S. I’m sherlocksthename, by the way, from the forum. In case ya didn’t know. πŸ™‚ Blogging username is different.

      • narniahannah says:

        Hi Sherlock! πŸ˜€
        Yes, I can. πŸ™‚ Well, sort of anyway. πŸ˜› Still working on it. πŸ™‚
        Ah, yes. I’m hoping I can get to the character study sometime this summer. Though I probably should blog about something other than Sherlock sometimes. XD

  3. firiel says:

    *reads post*
    *dies laughing*
    We need to go bowling more often… Never thought I’d hear myself say that, but it’s true. We had an awesome time. And I was happy to let K-9 win. Any time, tin dog. XD XD

    • narniahannah says:

      Yes, we do need to go bowling more often. πŸ˜€ I’m really excited to try cosplay bowling sometime… Bowling in costume and in character would be so much fun!! πŸ˜€
      XD Affirmative, Master. I will win any time. XD πŸ˜‰

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