Camp NaNoWriMo Begins!

Hey all!

Sorry for the lack of posting again. 😛 Summer still hasn’t calmed down much here. And our apparently quiet week now looks to be not-so-quiet. 😛 Oh, well.


The meaning of this post (beyond yet ANOTHER apology for not posting) is to say: I shall not be posting much for the next month, because…






Oh, drat.


I’m super excited! This is the first time I’ve done a Camp NaNo, but I did do (and win- PHEW, that was close) a regular NaNoWriMo a few years ago.


Aaaaand as of 11:12 PM central time, June 30th, about 45 minutes until NaNoWriMo officially begins… I have no outline.


Oh, joy.


This is going to be an interesting month.


But I do have a sort of idea of what I’m doing. 😛 I’m writing a Star Wars fanfiction titled “Darkness Calls”. It’s an AU- which is “Alternate Universe” for those of you who aren’t familiar with fanfiction terms- and basically… well, here, let me show you in the form of a “trailer”.


[Battle of the Heroes music starts] (…h?v=XYhvOb4gyfk)
[black fade-in]
What if…
[show shot of Episode III Anakin, lightsaber out]
Anakin Skywalker…
[more shots :P]
had been present in his children’s lives?
[shot of baby Luke and Leia]
What if…
[close-up of Anakin’s conflicted face]
He hadn’t…
[show him working side by side with Obi-Wan]
[Padme and Anakin kiss]
to the Dark Side?
[Palpatine’s smug face]
But how long can the lure of the Dark Side be ignored?
[Anakin, eyes yellow, a tear streaks down his face]
[Padme sob (blue dress)]
[Obi-Wan, inside Jedi Temple- heartbroken face after seeing recording of who killed the younglings]
[Anakin holds red lightsaber in hand, “Anakin” (glaring) look, raising lightsaber, slashes down]
[screen cuts to black]
[smoke, red words] The Dark Side still calls.


Maybe someday I’ll get around to making it a real “trailer” with video clips and all, but as I’m to start writing it tomorrow, I don’t think that’s a priority. 😛


So with that, I shall bid you all a goodnight! And I’ll try to keep you updated on how NaNo is going!

‘Til then,



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