I don’t have “friends”…. I’ve got really awesome ones.

Hey everybody!


And I’m back again after a really long time. XP Hopefully once Camp NaNoWriMo is over, I’ll be able to post more often.


So, the last post I talked about how Firiel had come over and we had been insane and stayed up all night writing. Well, this time I’m going to tell you about another insane thing that involves writing again. ๐Ÿ˜›


Kelly and I are both writing Star Wars fanfictions this month, and so we decided (I think it was my big idea… haha. As was the all-nighter. I should really consider my brilliant ideas more thoroughly…) that it would be fun if we took a day and wrote all day to all 6 of the Star Wars soundtracks. Which is 10 hours.

Yeah. 10 hours of writing.


We started at 7:15 AM and plugged along until we took a 15 minute lunch break around noon-ish. Overall the morning went pretty well, with me writing 4,017 before lunch. My goal was to write a little over 6,000, which would put me at 40k total for the month. So I was pretty excited! I still had 5 hours of soundtrack time left, and only 2k to go!

Firiel joined us for word wars (and some insane chatting. I’m afraid we didn’t stay on track 100% the whole 10 hours. :P) after lunch. And it was going pretty well, until about 4:00, when my laptop overheated and crashed.

Thankfully, it came right back up and I was able to save the document and didn’t loose anything. But that was possibly the most terrifying 2 minutes of my life.

I tried to keep writing, but then it froze again, so I decided to email my story to myself and switch computers. Apparently my laptop can’t handle 10 hours of straight usage. ๐Ÿ˜›

So, I expected things to be fine after that. But, of course, it wasn’t that easy. ๐Ÿ˜› I don’t have Microsoft Word on my laptop, so I write in Open Office. Well, I emailed my story to myself in an .odf document that Open Office saves in automatically unless you specify you want it in a different kind. Word of course, doesn’t open .odfs. T_T So I had to pull up my laptop again and resend the document, praying the whole time that it wouldn’t crash.

It didn’t, and I was able to send the Word doc and open it on my desktop computer. Then Word was having minor problems that probably wouldn’t have seemed like a very big deal under normal circumstances, but seemed like the whole world was out to get me at the time. >_<

All of that kind of deflated my happy writing bubble, and when I realized that I had left my outline on my laptop as well, I kind of lost it. I really wanted to give up.

But of course, Kelly and Firiel wouldn’t let me. When I said that I felt the whole world was out to get me, Kelly responded that it wasn’t because she was part of the world and she was definitely on my side and gave me a virtual hug and said she was praying that no more problems would arise.

I put in the last CD of the Return of the Jedi soundtrack. I told them and said: “Now for the last gasp. Feeling a lot like Sam and Frodo actually. <_<”

And Firiel said”*carries Hannah up Mt. Doom*”

‘Kay, it might be ridiculous how much that means to me, but it really, really does. It definitely made my day.


Then we started feelzing over Return of the King, and I didn’t mind throwing around sad lines, because I was feeling things whereas a little while ago I felt so numb and I just wanted to throw my computer out the window and my writing with it.

So I just want to say THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH, FIRIEL AND KELLY. I couldn’t have made it through yesterday without you. I made my goal of a total of 40k, having wrote 6,277 words in the day.

Kelly, I never would have stuck through it if you hadn’t been there and writing the whole time I was. Thank you. โค

Firiel, you gave me the exact words I needed at the exact right time. Thank you. โค

You were both a huge encouragement, and I’m sorry for being so whiny, and thank you for not killing me for complaining about my problems when you were having problems as well.

You are both my Sams, and my Johns.

I don’t have “friends” as in the fake kind that are only there in happy times, I have real friends. I have friends who stick through my Reichenbach days, and Mount Doom nights.

And I am so, so blessed for that.

Thank you. <3<3




6 thoughts on “I don’t have “friends”…. I’ve got really awesome ones.

  1. You are too sweet Hannah!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank YOU so much, I had a lovely day of writing with you guys! I’m your John…oh you is giving me happy feelz ๐Ÿ˜€ (And those don’t come too often with us…)

  2. Firiel says:



  3. Joyous Penn says:

    That’s beautiful. Truly. You all inspire me!

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