30 Days of Sherlock: Day One

Hey everyone!


So, I recently got a tumblr:  thehobbitwithstickyuppyhair.tumblr.com


And I’ve been having lots of fun with it! One awesome thing I’ve discovered is “30 Day Challenges”. And I’ve decided to do one!

I’ve picked “30 Days of Sherlock”. Because Sherlock seems to be the fandom I am most obsessed with right now. 😀


I’m going to be updating them on my tumblr, but then I thought, why not do it on my proper blog too? (Proper blog… I’ve come to think of them that way. Tumblr Blog and Proper Blog. Like Dave and Proper Dave? XD *hopes someone understands reference*)


So, without further ado:


30 Days of Sherlock: Day One- Favourite Episode


Oh, sure, starting out with an impossibly hard question.


This wasn’t supposed to be so stressful.

I’m going to make an honest and terrible confession right now… I’ve only seen all of the episodes in their entirety once.


But, tomorrow, if all goes well, I hope to watch them all a second time in the form of a marathon with my friend Firiel.

So until then, I am going to attempt to choose…

Okay, forget that.

I can’t choose.

I think it’s a tie between “A Study in Pink” and “The Reichenbach Fall”.

“Pink” because the episode was just so brilliant, and sucked me in right away with it’s fascinating adaption of the original stories. John and Sherlock’s interactions as they get to know each other are simply fantastic.

“Reichenbach” because a) “The Final Problem” is one of my favourite ACD stories b) the brilliance of the whole plot, the sheer insane brilliance of Moriarty and c) THE FEELZ.

So. There.


But, please. There’s one more thing, one more thing, one more miracle, Sherlock, for me.


SO. Ack.

“Hound” is close and OH BOTHER I forgot about “The Great Game”. That was also more brilliance.

Okay, forget it. I can’t choose. DX WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME CHOOSE.

*hopes tomorrow’s challenge will be less stressful and less… challenging…*


(And do excuse the rambley-ness. I feel rambley lately. :P)


On another, completely unrelated note: I saw Captain America: The First Avenger for the first time last night. And for being a superhero movie it wasn’t too terrible. (Muscle-y guys in spandex aren’t really my thing. I tend to identify more with scrawy teens with brown moppish hair and green Viking garb, or short, rather pudgy men with curly hair and big feet, or with alien men with spikey hair and pinstripe suits.) I think I shall attempt a review sometime soon as to why I actually liked it. So stay tuned for that! (And hopefully I’ll actually get around to it. :P)


Until tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “30 Days of Sherlock: Day One

  1. Joyous Penn says:

    Yay, Captain America! T’was a well done movie, indeed. 🙂 The Clash of Ideals was very well done. I liked how, in the end, Steve didn’t win because of his physical strength but because of his Ideal. And it wasn’t even a “happy” ending. It was perfect.

  2. Jaime H. says:

    *squee* I adore Sherlock! 😀

    And I understand the horror of trying to pick a favorite episode. All of them are brilliant. And you aren’t a horrible Sherlockian if you have only seen them once through. It is hard to watch that long of episodes at a time, even if there are only six (until this fall!!!). 🙂

    And Captain America *sighs* <33 He is my favorite superhero ever! So I'm a bit biased, but his movie was one of the greatest. 🙂

  3. Elly says:


    And despite some pretty bad historical accuracy, Cap. America’s a good movie. 😀

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