Changes and Life

Hey everyone!


Whoo, two posts in the space of three days! I am on a roll. 😛


As promised in Wednesday’s post, I’m going to explain the changes to the OYAN (One Year Adventure Novel – Summer Workshop.

Over the past few years, the workshop has grown enormously. My first year in 2011, there were 86 students (I believe. Or maybe it was 87. But you get the point.) The next year we had nearly doubled. 2013 had nearly 300 students.

That’s a ton of epic people. And a TON of work for Mr and Mrs S.

Summer Workshop 2014, they’re doing things differently. They’re splitting the workshop up into two weeks, or “Tracks” as they’re being called.  Track 1 is for students 18 and up, and Track 2 will be the week after and is for ages 13-17.

The 18+ers have the chance via application to stay on Track 2 as student mentors. Which I will definitely be applying for.

At first a lot of people, me included, were really upset about this change.  The OYAN community is really close, and for a lot of people, again me included, the summer workshop is the only time of the year where we see some of the best friends we’ve ever had.

As the initial shock of the announcement died down, however, I began to realize a few things. First, I’ll more than likely be able to make both tracks, hopefully.  It’s going to be more expensive, having to find lodging for both weeks, but Track 2 is free, aside from meals and lodging, for student leaders. Driving will probably be the trickiest thing, but with Firiel also being in Track 1 and interested in being a leader in 2, we can make it work.

A lot of the older students will stay on as leaders for Track 2, so I’ll probably still be able to see most of my friends.

I want to say something again to the OYAN community that I posted a little while after we found out about the split:

And honestly, guys, whether this change was made or not, the OYAN community is going to start changing really fast. I’ve recently become aware of the fact, during and after this year’s workshop.
We’re growing up.
People who have attended every workshop for the past five years are going to begin to stop coming, not because they don’t want to, but because of life. People are going to start going to college, getting jobs and get married and start families of their own.
The 18+ers are the ones that have the biggest chance of not coming back. It is a highschool curriculum, for highschoolers. And the highschoolers are starting to grow up.

As much as I hate that, we can’t stay in Neverland forever, guys. We have to grow up. And I don’t like that. But it’s reality. Reality inhales quickly sometimes. A lot of the time. Most of the time. But then again, we can’t stay in Rivendell forever.
Not all of the Fellowship got to see Rivendell again. Maybe we won’t ever get to see our friends while we’re living here on earth. But that’s what heaven’s for, right? We’re going to have the most epic reunion ever, someday. Not now. But someday.



The change really does make sense. It’s really the only way, I think. Also, as the students keep getting older, that could make things uncomfortable for the parents. Do they want to send their 13 year old to somewhere with 25-30 year olds? (I’m not saying anything against the older people, as I am becoming one (:P), but some parents wouldn’t be comfortable with that.)


So yeah. Change. Change really stinks sometimes. I’ve been realizing there’s a lot of change going on, and a lot right around the corner. And it kind of scares me. But I’ve just got to remember that God’s got this in His hands.



On a completely separate note, something for my readers in or near Minnesota (or who don’t mind travel):




Aaah! 😀 I’ve got a group of friends who are planning on going, and we’re dressing up in costume and it’s going to be fantastic. 😀 😀


So, I think that’s it for now. 🙂 Good changes, and different changes, but different doesn’t always mean bad, as a good friend and wonderful OYANer, Nairam,  pointed out.


God bless,



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