Haha. Hai.

Heh. So… did a month really go by without a single post?


So. Um. Hi. How are ya’ll doin’?

Things are, for the most part, pretty good here. Firiel and I were both accepted into the Winter Workshop! Thank you so much to everyone who was praying. ❤

I just recently realized how much stuff I have to do. For the Winter Workshop, the focus is short stories this year, so I have to write two before then. Which have to be done before Christmas, as Firiel and I leave on December 30th (Going to be with OYANers for the New Year’s! Whoo-hoo!!) and Mum has stated that I can’t write them the week beforehand, as we’ll be travelling for Christmas.

And I currently have no ideas as of what to write. For some reason, I can write fanfiction short stories, but when it comes to original short stories, I draw a blank.

I’ve recently been in a state of apathy towards writing. I don’t really feel motivated. NaNoWriMo is approaching rapidly, and I have a story idea that I’m kind of eager to work on, but I haven’t planned for it at all, and it needs a LOT of planning. But I’m not really quite sure where to start planning. I think I need to just sit down and start working on it but I Don’t Want To.

Which is the worst excuse ever invented.

But it’s effective. Sort of. Effective as in I don’t get anything done…. which isn’t very effective, come to think about it.

I’m also currently working on two fanfictions – a collective How to Train Your Dragon with some of my Riders of Berk pals from the OYAN forum, and The Girl Named Sherlock Holmes. TGNSH, which I was having trouble with until my dear friend Delaney was able to get me excited about it again. It’s currently the only thing I feel motivated, and excited, about writing right now, and unfortunately, is probably the least important of all of the projects I need to work on.

I’d really like to start blogging again. And by that I mean more than more “Oops, it’s been another week/month/century here’s a random update from my life.”

Tonight, I got an idea. Lightning, just struck me brain. (Free e-chocolate to the person who can name that quote!)

Mr S puts on webinars for the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum each month. And tonight’s topic… villains. 😀

It made me start thinking about my favourite literary villains, and about why they were my favourite. I was going to post something on the forum about my top 5 villains, but I started thinking about it harder (usually a bad idea. Whether it is in this instance is up for you to decide), and it started getting longer in my head.

So, I have decided to… *drum roll*

Do a mini-blog series about my top 5 favourite villains!

Each week, I’ll do a post about one of my top villains, starting with 5 and working my way up to 1. I’m hoping this will give me motivation to actually do something useful with my blog. And I’m thinking it will be really fun!

I want this to be more than yet another empty promise of a future blog post, so giving myself a deadline to get a post in each week will hopefully help. I’d also love it if any of you want to help keep me accountable to it. Poke me. Threaten me. Bribe me. Whatever works.

So (I’m beginning to think I use that word too often….), stay tuned! Coming up soon… Hannah’s Top Five Fictional Villains: #5!

Any guesses as to who it might be? I’m not telling, but feel free to theorize!



4 thoughts on “Haha. Hai.

  1. Kellyn (Grey Havens) says:

    “I’ve just had an apostrophe!”
    “I think you mean an epiphany.”
    “Lightning has just struck my brain!”
    “Well, that must hurt.”
    I love Hook. XD

  2. Kelly says:

    I used to have absolutely no inspiration for short stories…then Pinterest happened. I think almost all the pictures on this board (http://www.pinterest.com/countrycutie18/story-inspiration-pictures/) could be made into short stories. I know you have boards like this too 🙂 Just pick a picture and form a short scenario; might be more there than you think when you start asking questions about what’s really happening in the photograph, since there can be many interpretations. Good luck! I know what you mean about fanfiction being easier 😛 XD. Looking forward to your blog series dear!

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